February 13, 2017

After 2 years of selling on Poshmark, I decided to venture into the other side and see what life was really like as a shopper on PM. With a little extra cash to spare to treat myself, the goal became 5 items, 5 different closets. I wanted to have some variety on my closet purchases. The closets that I searched through and ended up buying were a mix: I went with 2 closets from a FB group that I follow, 2 fairly new users  and 1 power seller. As for the 6th item, yes there was a 6th item. I didn't even know this myself. I accidentally purchased an item when doing the purse/phone shuffle. When I finally realized what was going on, the seller was excited and had already commented back that she would ship ASAP. Not wanted to burst that joyful moment for her I decided to keep the item since it was cute and reasonably priced.  

Here is what I learned and liked from shopping on Poshmark

  • Super fast shipping! I purchased all of the items early Friday morning. All of my sellers shipped it the same day and i got everything on Monday! Talk about fast. 

  • Sellers will accept reasonable offers! I placed an offer on all my purchases (about 15% off) and all of the offers were accepted by the buyers! 

  • Super cute packaging and notes. Note to self, need to step your packaging game up!

  • Buyer/Selller interaction. This is what definitely makes Poshmark stand out in the online shopping world. A few of my sellers did keep in constant communication letting me know when they received the order, when the shipped, as well as thanking me for purchase. This is definitely a key point that I will continue to use in my closet and need to be more consistent on. 

As on any app/service, there is always room for improvement, here is what's on my PM wishlist. 

  • After purchasing from 5 separate closets and paying 5 separate shipping fees, the idea of a Poshmark cart vs a closet cart came to mind. Wouldn't it be cool it you could "bundle" from separate closets or get discounted shipping on each purchase for shopping from several closets at once? Definitely an idea to pitch at Poshfest!
  • Touch ID or password verification to confirm purchases. Am I the only one who has made an accidental purchase? Although this time it worked in my favor, not having a confirmation or password validation for making a purchase can be dangerous in the world of butt dials that we live in. 

All in all, i loved all my purchases and even with paying separate shipping for each item I still feel like I ended up getting an overall good deal. Check out some of my fav #poshfinds from the purchases I made. 

Don't forget stop by my closet and show me some #poshlove!

Comment and let me know if you're going to #POSHNATION Miami! See you there!


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