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#POSHBOSS : Meet Jessica Lawrence

March 17, 2017

POSHBOSS : POSHER IN THE CITY INTERVIEW WITH JESSICA LAWRENCESo thrilled to be kicking off the #poshbosh interview series, where we will be featuring posh bosses, entrepreneurs, and fashionistas that are making are a name for themselves, in and outside of Poshmark. So what better way to kick it off than with my fellow PFF, Jessica Lawrence.

First off, I had heard of these so called PFFs and for sometime I thought it was all talk, sort of a Poshmark myth. But it wasn't until my first time going to Poshfest,(yes alone!) that I was proven otherwise. You see, Jessica and I ended up participating in a couple of the same activities together during conference. We both walked the fashion show and were lined up right next to each other and we were both scheduled closet consultants at the same time, so after a couple of run ins, we started chatting it up and hit it off! The short weekend came to and end and we parted ways, but to this day, we still keep in contact! This once myth of a PFF is now a reality, so without further ado, meet Jessica Lawrence (@flowersandgray). 

How did you learn about Poshmark and how long have you been on the app?

I found out via an internet ad of some sorts! I joined in 2013, ended up leaving because I didn't understand and then restarted September 6, 2014!

Tips to share? What's one thing you wish you would have known when you were a newbie?

Invest wisely! You don't want to invest all your money into items that won't sell. You have to pick a demographic to sell to and focus on that. You can't be everything to everyone. And be ahead of the trends! If it's already super trendy, that means you have a ton of competition and the trend will soon die.

Sum up your closet style in 3 words...

Relaxed, comfy, high-quality

Favorite item in your closet?

The Chinamum Sweater. It's literally the softest sweater I've ever touched. I literally am always lounging in it.

What made you transition from selling items in your closet to resale/Boutique and starting your own website?

Honestly, I'm not sure what moment really clicked for me. I needed something to manage my inventory and taxes and all that fun stuff - when I started looking for ideas, Shopify ended up being a great tool that had a bonus of also selling online. Eventually my boutique got to a point where if I wanted to grow it anymore, I wouldn't be able to work at the job I had (I was a national account executive for a marketing firm in Wisconsin and I couldn't juggle both). I quit that job summer of 2016 and dove right in! This also afforded me the opportunity to have placement at local boutiques and sell my clothing through their stores. I also started doing community events and selling my clothing at "pop-up" type of events.

Check out her website:

Biggest challenge of being an entrepreneur?

The biggest challenge is everyone wants something for a great deal and don't realize all the business expenses that small business owners have. We don't make a ton of money on every sale! 

What's life like outside of Poshmark?

I live near Milwaukee, WI and have the cutest Bengal cat named Lola - no worries, she doesn't shed and doesn't come near my clothing rooms. For fun, I like to go fishing and take bike rides. I cook a lot and love to experiment with random recipes.I also like to convince people to try Fernet Branca liquor. It's my fave.

Every boss babe wants more. What are your 2017 goals?

A possible storefront is in the works!🙊

Now time to show some #poshlove. Name three closets you're obsessed with...

Oh god, only three? I have so many amazing friends on Poshmark. I love @adrrecommends- she and I have become super close (texting?) friends and I can't wait to meet her in person. @cynthaaa I met at Poshfest 2016 and have bought so much from her closet. She's seriously one of the sweetest beings. And @grayasparagus and I have this weird Instagram relationship going on. I can't see succulents without being like "that would be so cute on the table by her window with the rest of her succulents". Yeah. It's weird. Okay that's three but @posherinthecity, @stylelinkmiami is like my biggest inspiration so I have to include you, Joanne. Your pictures are seriously on point and I'm kind of obsessed with you. And there's so many others that I feel guilty for not mentioning. They know who they are!!


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