April 11, 2016 1 min read

There’s no better feeling then the feeling of getting it right, as we sky rocket through the season leaving the rest behind - only taking a couple things with us - white, black and a camera.
While facing the fact that as much as we like to “switch it up” there’s nothing like getting back in to what we already knew. And all we know is that black and white are anything but basic more like classic, essential, a must-have.
So as we update our closet essentials with a twist we get deeper into our wardrobe only to find out 3 things: details DO matter, don’ t ever take accessories for granted and a selfie is always a must.
When stepping out in our Ivory Deep-V Cut Bodysuit, matched with a spiral statement necklace and Black Strappy-Lace Heel - making it hard to look anything but good.
Photoshoot Details:
Model: Madison Sunsky
Styled in:
Ivory Deep-V Cut Bodysuit and Black Pencil Skirt 
Photography by Joanne Echevers
Makeup Artist by MJ Makeup
Styling by  illy Perez

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