March 02, 2015

Every year the best of the best travel to fashion's main capitals to get an exclusive insight as to what our favorite designers have come up with next. While we all love the runway, it's fair to say that each and every year it has become more about the street styles photographed right before the show that keeps us wanting more. This season, the following compiled color trends have gradually began to define the starting of a new mood with the all classic black proving it's staying power, while bold blues, energetic reds, and vibrant oranges become the color of choice.


Are you Serious? As Serious as Black

While this may not come as a shocker to most, black is constantly an updated trend. In 2015, we see effortless simplicity through a more relaxed composure of urbanity and poise, creating a lasting impression on the streets.

The New Year Red
What is it about  Red anyways? As the spring heats up, so does the need for power and passion, bringing a vibrancy of energetic sophistication to the streets.
50 Shades of Blue
From Margaret Zhan to Rihanna, blue makes a strong presence for 2015 street style color trends, adding a new touch to neutral simplistic looks by creating a more bold statement this season.
What Rhymes with Orange?
Who knows what rhymes with orange, but in 2015 we spot a range of zesty oranges striking color mix with reds and blues, springing to life a vibrant and sultry palette offering a more feminine alternative this season.
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