Style Feature: Boho Chic Beach

May 20, 2015

Every season fashion takes cues and ideas from the past. This season, we are traveling and drawing inspiration from the 70's era of style, but adding a Miami twist to it! Only bringing back with us the essentials and updating the current; the only way a city girl living in Miami can.


We want to slow things down and enjoy the feel of soft winds against our skin and the beautiful scenery palm trees bring, today we bask in mother nature's gift. While we love to stay connected, sometimes it is necessary for us to disconnect to get back to ourselves, family and friends. 


We like to keep it light and fresh, but never boring while getting into the spirit of things. Essentials are truly key to our Boho Chic Beach vibes by staying true to our warm earthy tones. 


Light fabrics, water side photos and great style. We get lost in the moment in our Peach Maxi Skirt and how do we not, when the lighting and feel of the moment becomes so blissful. 


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