Into The Blue

September 19, 2015

Sometimes a girl needs to get away every now and then, whether it’s going on a cruise, taking a road trip, or even vacationing in your own city. Relaxation is a must!

Making it a monthly thing to meet up with her girls, she books a room in one of the hottest beaches in the city, to truly relax and enjoy the exotic view of Miami. Even though she’s a Miami girl, she enjoys living as a tourist from time to time to lounge around and escape reality for a few.

Laying around her room, she notices the beauty of Miami. She admires the blue sky and ocean waves and is reminded of her love for this city. 

While getting ready for her day (that usually turn into nights) on the town she decides to wear something versatile because she never knows where she'll end up.  She pairs an all-white body suit with our white fringe skirt and blue heels, for a pop of color. This look is perfect for any city girl, whether she’ s going to lunch with friends, club hopping or taking a dip into the blue Miami sea. 

Time almost escapes her as she’s reminiscing on good times and chilling out. She touches up her makeup and fluffs her hair in the mirror and gets ready to step out in her favorite Style Link Miami gear.



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