September 29, 2015

Jet-Setters, Designers & World Class Dj's 

When we got the chance to finally meet-up with Posso duo - not to mention lifelong friends - Marylouise Pels and Vanessa Giovacchini it was completely in fact, out of the blue.

Once the opportunity presented itself, it wasn't even a question of what or when but of here and we'll meet you there.

Undoubtedly we couldn't have been more ecstatic but like most photo-shoots no matter how much planning, organizing and submission on your end, there's always that possibility of things not going exactly as planned. Let's just say Miami's weather wasn't exactly at it's finest - with a high chance of a hurricane hitting - in the meantime we were just hoping for a better outcome than what was suppose to be expected.

Luckily for us, on the day of, mother nature was indeed on our side - the weather had cleared up leaving only some strong winds and gloomy clouds behind... but of course nothing the Posso's couldn't handle.

On the other hand, the view couldn't have been more stunning ....

"with gorgeous wrap-around views overlooking the ocean and the beautiful southern tip of South Beach, where the ocean meets the bay at South Pointe Park." - LTM

In the meanwhile, just finishing up Ibiza and a quick Liv on Saturday, the twosome were able to squeeze in a last minute appearance shoot before catching their flight back home to Los Angeles.

Not too shortly after we arrived at our shooting location Posso followed, ready to make a scene in our Two Piece Stretch Set and Tan Suede Mini Dress, adding their own personal flair and edge for the perfect look.

You can say it was love at first sight when Pels slipped into this form fitting, short-sleeve all Tan Suede Mini Dress , but of course nothing is ever complete without the right accessories so we keep our chokers close, show a little heel detail and get chic with a pair of all-black cat-eye sunglasses.

But the party doesn't stop there, Vanessa takes us back a bit, showing us that when in doubt, simplicity always wins, by staying in touch with our natural tones we find comfort and ease in the Two Piece Stretch Set  and familiarity with our addiction to black.

Despite the fact that there was a slight possibility of this entire photo-shoot NOT happening, things worked out better than expected and it was such a pleasure working, styling and shooting these two world class go-getters. Can't wait till their next MIA visit !

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