November 16, 2015

It is the most wonderful time of the year. The holiday season is getting near and nothing says holidays like fashion. We all understand the pain of having to look for an outfit to each party and celebration. It is even harder when you aren't aware of what is in style at the moment. Don’t make the mistake of dressing like if you are in 2010. This holiday season we will save you from the frustration, we have a set of the top 5 latest and modish fashion trends that will have all eyes on you during holiday celebrations.


"Pastel colors are totally in for the fall and winter seasons of the year, looking positively fabulous in their softer, more muted hues that really bring out the definition of winter." - FASHIONISERS

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Most of us like to stick to the basics, but for this holiday season we need some pastels in our closet. They look very classy and trendy if worn right. Whether you wear it as a dress, top, or pants, you will look sterling. They were seen on many runways, including Prada, Dior, & Dolce & Gabbana and many other top designers. 



"It happens to you every Fall: temperatures start to dip and you reach into your closet only to discover there is no coat stylish enough or warm enough to brave the chill outside." - POPSUGAR


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From the runways to the streets, this coat has been a major fashion trend.  It was stumbled through the floors at Calvin Klein Collection, Chanel and other big designer names. Not to mention, it is one of celebrity's favorite clothing items. Now, depending on where you are located, you may experience different weather this holiday season. If you are in a cold climate, a duster coat is a must. Whether it is in one color or with print, you will look fierce. The duster coat just makes one look very elegant and chic. Best part is, it can be worn with anything underneath, from a skirt set to pants. 

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A touch of fur will definitely get all eyes on you. Fur has the tendency to make everyone look and feel glamorous. It comes out to play only in the winter, so one must take advantage of this wonder! It was spotted on the runways in different colors and patterns. Louis Vuitton, Fox, Mink and Prada were amongst the designers that showed off their furs.

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Shine the night away in some sequin. Models shimmered like glitter balls when they appeared in the runways of Nina Ricci, Marc Jacobs and a few others. The best part about the sequin fabric is that it comes in many different items. You can wear it in a skirt, top, jacket or dress and will  sparkle and look à la mode. Seems to me that sequin is set to light up the holidays this season.

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High Contrast


The two most used colors and the classiest of them all. Black and White are in style this season, especially in patterns. Whether your clothing piece has black and white checks, stripes or animal print, it will leave you looking different from every ones usual plain white or black dress. These prints were peeked at Valentino, Saint Laurent and Emilio Pucci.

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#QOTD : "Be different and standout from family and friends with your fashion choices. Wear the latest trends and strut what you got with confidence!"

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