February 25, 2017

style link miami what to wear day to night

As we ease into the season, it’s evident that we are very much still in love with our black style attire. Even more, transitional pieces that make it effortless to turn on that day to night switch. Whether it’s from the office to a dinner, brunch to a RSVP, dinner to club, or it’s just a Tuesday and you need to be on point because you never really know what life or friends will throw at you. Regardless of the reason, we sit back and let true style do all the talking. 

As we reveal a little more and stay upgraded with class, one thing is definite, the satin silk silhouette is in full effect and bell-sleeve detailed cuts are here to stay (in case your wondering what’s going on with these sleeve trend nowadays) but let’s not get lost in all that trend talk, when something works it just works and these styles work!

Taking in any basic, flat assemble and giving it more life!  As for those extra accessories that can save or break an outfit we stay close to metallic and loyal to our choker obsession.

Lace and  Satin Luxe, no-one-said black had to be boring so let’s take a moment and bask in every inch of detail when styled in this top to bottom two-piece assemble featuring our new romantic lace one-piece bodysuit choker top as it creates this soft, edgy and Victorian element when matched with our high-waisted Satin Luxe Pants that takes us from 0 to wherever Drake is real quick, with it’s daring plunging front slitsand glossy shimmering sequence - one can only dream.


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 style link miami what to wear day to night

But the fun doesn’t stop there, we get up close and detailed with the latest style find and our most current LBD: this mini flared mini dress is the instant start off to turning that “new me, new look, new style” motto into reality as it doesn’t get any more chic than this, with it’s boho like spirit yet fashion diva attitude, injecting us with just the right amount of drama complete any look.



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Photo-shoot Credits:

Photography by Miami Girl Photography

Makeup by Glamorous Looks by Sophy

Styling by illy Perez


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