April 28, 2017 3 min read

Slaying and bringing with them more life and style in our latest #StyleInTheCity interview feature is fashion and beauty queens Brittany and Priscilla at the BRNZ Blog. Giving us the 411 on how they got started, beauty obsessions, style inspiration and what’s up next on there girl boss journey.



Q&A w/ Brittany & Priscilla

 1. What inspired you girls to start the BRNZ Blog?

We went to the same high school and University. During college, we bonded over our mutual love for beauty and fashion. Brittany was modeling and styling and Priscilla was starting to dabble in freelance makeup. We would collaborate on some shoots. So, towards the end of 2015, we started talking about how amazing it would be to take our personal love for fashion and beauty and merge the two to form a blog. We already had a history of working together and built the needed trust to start creating the blog. Which we did in the beginning of 2016, launched in May 2016.
We wanted the blog to represent the us and our home-city, South Florida. In trying to come up with the name and logo design, one of our friends suggested to drop the vowels of the word “BRONZE”, and that’s how BRNZ was born. We both felt like when you think of the color bronze, it’s such a complimentary color for makeup for any skin tone and giving off those tropical sun kissed vibes that best captures sunny-side Florida.

2. Aside from blogging what else do you do?  

Both of us currently work at tech companies. On the side, Priscilla is a freelance Makeup Artist, and Brittany freelance Wardrobe Stylist.

3. What keeps you motivated and inspired when bringing your content to life?

As duo bloggers, we love to push ourselves and bring the best out of each other. We try to pull influences from our everyday life and South Florida Culture. Seeing the work of other influencers is always motivating and inspiring to too.

4. What would you say is the biggest challenge about today’s blogging sphere?

We know that it's very saturated and that it can be easy to just want to go along with whatever trends are currently hot for likes at the moment.  However, we try to make sure that whatever we create and post always remains true to us and our style.

5. How would you describe your style and what are your favorite colors to wear?

All Black Everything! We love black and neutrals since it works with anything. Our style mostly consists of outfits that can easily transition from day-to-night since we tend to always be on the go.

6. Who are your 3 style muses?

Our list of muses is always changing and growing just like our style, currently we are completely in love with:

  1. Rihanna because of her effortless street style and fashion risks.  
  2. Solange because of her inspiringly soulful indie and vintage looks.
  3. Monica Rose because her styling aesthetic seamlessly gives glam, street, and chic all in one.

7. Current beauty obsessions?

Bronzed, dewy skin is always going to be our favorite especially with summer coming up. Mixing a drop of oil, like Tarte's Maracuja oil with foundation and a popping highlight helps nail a sun-kissed, sheeny complexion. We're also loving gloss for our lips as opposed to always rocking the matte lip. Any gloss whether it be clear, pigmented or shimmery, helps to accentuate one of our favorite facial features.

8. What are your 3 favorite Miami Spots?

The Miami Design District/Wynwood area is one that's so unique to Miami. It's always changing thanks to the art scene and it's always fun to go and see something fresh. The vibrancy of Brickell and it's urban luxe feel is a spot that we would love to visit more of. However, we've been obsessed with what we've seen so far. Coral Gables is one of our favorite places to shoot! The design of the city itself and chill vibes are like a comfort zone for us.

9. What do you want to accomplish by the end of 2017?

We are working on creating more video content. So, YouTube is one of our biggest goals for this year. We also hope it will help people to get to know and connect with us more.

10. What are your SLM favorites? 

    1. Black Mesh Maxi Long Gown Dress

      2. Black Satin Slip Mini Dress

      3. Black Lace Bodysuit


      4. Black Gold Shimmer Wrap Front Crop Top

      5. Blush Laced-up Bandage Bodysuit

      6. Black High-waisted Lace-up Pants


      7. Black Satin Pants





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