March 03, 2017

Easy, shining, and yes, beautiful. A satin touch to a silhouette can instantly elevate any outfit look, as it adds that extra touch of luxe, screaming Old Hollywood glamour.  

This high-gloss satin creates a shining effect that makes for an instant attention-grabber, even more when worn head-to-toe for maximum impact.

While most people would limit satin styles to just a formal night. Our city girl likes to get creative and step outside-the-box, remixing it in whatever way fits. From undershirt layering, to statement high-thighs to lightweight duster coats. The goal is to get as much use of it as possible ! So make no mistake in thinking this is a one time only thing.  

Here are 5 Style Tips from the style editor:

  1. For day use, keep it minimal, let the satin be your focal point and work around it. Adding a pair of sunglasses and good sandal or bootie will do the trick .
  2. For night out, the more satin the better and a cut-out peep toe will handle the rest.
  3. If you think it’s too much glam, get a contrast kick pairing it with a leather or denim jacket for that street-edge luxe look.
  4. Wear the right underwear and bra. A seamless under garment and bra is the best choice.
  5. The right color. Think about what colors flatter you best and that mix best with your current closet pieces. Whether you are trying to lighten up your closet mix for spring or want to play it safe with black, aka the default, we got you covered. 

Whether it be day or night these essential satin touches accomplish two main things: looking great in person, even better in pictures and it got that  “easy-to-wear” kinda attitude.


Pink Muave Satin Slip Mini Dress              Pink Muave Satin Long Jacket

Olive Green Satin Slip Mini Dress            Olive Green Satin Duster Coat

Blush Pink Open-Toe Side-Cut Single Sole Heel


Photo-shoot Credits:

Photography by Miami Girl Photography

Model: Gabrielle Mcguiness

Makeup by Colour In Chrystal

Styling by illy Perez


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